Gain a Bachelors Degree in music in just one year with this flexible top up course. Fully validated by the University of West London.

This course has been developed to mirror the modern music industry, allowing students to learn the skills to become independent, multi-skilled music practitioners, fluent with various forms of multi-media and new composing standards.

Since 2020, over 50% of students on this course have applied based upon their industry experience, not their prior qualifications.


For Industry Professionals:

If you are working in music, and can prove that experience, you might be able to progress straight onto this final year top up and achieve a full BA (Hons) in one year through AMS Online. Get in touch to find out if this could apply to you.

With 1:1 mentoring and our comprehensive online learning platform, this BA top up suits those that are happy working remotely with bespoke weekly support.



Yes, AMS Online courses are validated for non-UK delivery and the qualifications are internationally recognised. You will need access to some specific equipment to get through the course, details of what is required are available on request. 

Yes, there is an active AMS Online forum where current and former students regularly interact. There are also regular master class sessions and live casts on the various AMS Online platforms in a number of related areas. Employment, collaboration and research opportunities from external organisations, students, employers etc are shared with students as and when they arise.

Yes, so long as you can demonstrate competence with written and spoken English, our admissions team will guide you further on this following application.

No. AMS Online is much more like a traditional college. This course is a single enrolment on the one year top up which is made up of particular modules, not single enrolments on individual modules. You will need to submit coursework to specific deadlines each semester and if you cannot do that you will need to apply for an extension, or if it is more long term, you will need to apply for mitigating circumstances. 

Core & Optional Modules

The BA Hons Top Up is a five module course, four of the modules are mandatory, and each student is asked to choose a fifth 'optional' module before they register. The details of these follow below.

Core Modules

In this double module, you will engage in a large-scale project in an area of your choice: performance, songwriting, composition, dissertation, music production, event management or multi-media. You will be assigned a project advisor who will approve your proposal and support you in this module.

Study the academic theories behind matching music and sound with media and put them into practice when creating your own soundtrack to a given film clip.

There is a large market for music that film and TV production companies can take ‘off the shelf’ for genres such as sport, gameshows, wildlife etc. In this module, you will create your own portfolio of original music suitable for submitting to a publisher that covers a wide range of moods, styles and uses.

Develop a viable music industry product with all accompanying business research and requirements (business plan, website etc). This will be your calling card when you graduate.

Optional Modules

This performance-based module helps students to work towards presenting a live showcase that is supported by relevant and effective promotional materials.

Create your own portfolio of professional productions while developing a keen understanding of the techniques and working practices of leading producers.

Enjoy the challenges of making your own short radio play production that encompasses theme music, incidental music, sound effects (foley) and dialogue editing.

This module is largely self-directed: with the option of specialising in music or artists management, retail management or crowd funding.

What happens next?

Following successful completion, you may progress to post-graduate level study e.g. M.Mus or MA and PgCert. For example- the AMS online M.Mus Music & Sound

Application, Fees and Funding

Fees per academic year are £7495. Subject to eligibility you can apply for a student loan to cover fees.Please visit for more information on student finance. If you are not eligible for a UK student loan you will need to fund the course yourself. Payment is made direct to the partner institution and will be invoiced by them following your enrolment. You can either pay in one lump sum, or three instalments.

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