About AMS

The Academy of Music and Sound (AMS) are a UK based education and training provider specialising in the provision of high quality music education.

Since 2004, we have delivered training to over 6500 students via a network of 7 campus’ around the UK and the AMSonline platform.

One of the huge advantages of AMS Online is that we are now able to offer courses to non UK citizens. In January 2019 we are now delivering AMS Online in 13 different countries.
Those that apply from the UK may be eligible for a government funded student loan to cover the cost of their studies. Those from further afield will need to arrange their own tuition fee payment.
AMS was founded and continues to be run by passionate musicians with a wealth of experience in the recording and live music industries.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a personal service to each of our students, ensuring that each learner’s journey aligns with their musical and career aspirations.

“The course was, without a word of a lie, the most important thing I have done in my life! It’s made a real difference to how I regard myself as a creative professional.“
Jena Thomson, BA Performance Industries
AMS online is the latest development to our portfolio and stays true to our aims by offering aspiring musicians, teachers, producers and music entrepreneur’s access to a flexible and supported higher education program that can studied at a time and place that suits the individual.
Our awarding University, University of West London, is ranked as 34th in the UK according to the influential Guardian University Guide 2020. Guardian University Guide

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