Each week we feature one of our current students or alumni, as we chat to them about their AMS Online experience and the cool projects their getting on with alongside their degree. They tell us about their Online Learning experience, how they work and perform alongside a degree, and their current musical endeavors. This week I chat to Devon Amory, an aspiring music producer based in Birmingham, balancing full-time work, music projects and flexible online study.

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Where are you based or studying from?

I am currently based in Birmingham.

What do you do alongside / in addition to your music degree?

I work full-time alongside my degree study.

What is your instrument / skill / profession?

I am more of a producer but I also play a little keys!

What have been the benefits of online distance learning for you?

The flexibility of being able to fit it around work without having to cut my hours and not having to attend a classroom or building – or classical education structure – is what really appeals and benefits me.

Are you in a band or currently working on any cool projects?

Will be working on my own E.P soon!

What is on the horizon for you – in the near future, or after finishing your degree?

After graduation I will be aiming to become a freelance music producer.

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Words: Izzy Trott