Here’s how AMS Online can help.

Coronavirus has begun to shake the UK – and indeed the world – in a way that was unimaginable even just one month ago. As we self-isolate, quarantine and social distance in the interest of our public health and collective well-being life has shifted online more and more.

Musicians too have been drastically effected by the global pandemic; event cancellations, gig postponements – the very backbone of the musician’s income taken from underneath them in the most unprecedented way.

Thankfully humans are adaptable creatures. Already, artists and creatives are capitalising on their capacity to mobilise online – online streaming of performances and DJ sets, tutors and artists offering classes online, and platforms like Bandcamp wavering fees to support unsigned acts. Our digital world seems more important now, than it ever has been before. Not just as a means to stay connected when people need it most, but as a way to earn and maintain and income stream, as well as learn new things as stay as motivated, entertained and switched on as we can.

We’ve also been trying to adapt.

Gigs are on hold as music moves online…

We understand a lot of artists might be out of work at the moment, or failing that, slightly more bored than usual, working (or isolating) at home for the foreseeable future.

We’re happy to be able to offer a few small things to musician’s during these trying times…

Free Songwriting & Creative Lyric Approaches short course

Firstly our FREE online songwriting short course (creative lyric approaches) is available to enrol onto now. You can expand your skills for free, and try and make the most of that time social distancing.

The syllabus for this course is set out over four weeks, with each week focusing on different areas of lyric writing. Each week provides helpful, practical, creative conversations and activities in order to help you grow as a songwriter and musical communicator. The course is suitable for beginners through to experienced songwriters; anyone who wishes to invigorate or reinvigorate their lyrical output.

Enrol via Udemy now.

Free online short courses from AMS

Our Edinburgh and Glasgow centres recently announced a new series of free short courses, which were originally programmed to take place at both centres over the coming few months. Now sadly, due to the situation dates for the physical workshops will look to be moved, while provision for the courses to be made available online has now been approved and will be available soon!

Fast-Track an online degree

Plus, a lot has been interrupted during the strange period, but if you’re feeling like being quite productive during this time, you might be interested in our Fast Track Degree scheme. The scheme allows music industry professionals with relevant experience the chance to ‘fast-track’ to the final year of a BA degree in music, sound, production etc (see our courses here), and you could get a degree for a third of the price, for a third of the time – and all from the comfort (or confines…) of your home.

Interested? Sign up here.

Stay safe.

AMS Online x