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If you are a musician or producer already making a name for yourself in the industry and seeking the opportunity to expand your industry-savvy skill set, then digital learning can prove to be a powerful asset. The modern music industry can be a challenging ground to navigate and juggling your musical aspirations amongst life’s other commitments can be a struggle. Digital learning is becoming a vital and popular model of education and is an attractive alternative to traditionally taught practices for musicians who want to work, gig, tour and travel alongside learning and developing new skills.

AMS Online brings this opportunity straight to you, affording you the flexibility to learn when and how you want to. With online mentoring from world-class Industry professionals, offering gold standard tutoring which is personally directed to you and designed to enhance your learning experience to its maximum potential.

In a time-starved world, where cuts to music and arts funding is worrying, it is understandable that working musicians are keen to spend their time gigging and performing as much as possible. Online learning gives you the chance to work and study at your own pace, perhaps even gain a new perspective on the industry you are already part of, learn more about the business of your craft or develop new technical and production skills.

Just because you’re studying online, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to work only from home. You can study from anywhere around the world (we have a wide global student base, including America, Australia, China, Nigeria, Thailand and many more). If you are based in the UK, you also have access to the facilities at your closest AMS centre – so you can have the best of practical independent learning, on your terms and even attend a graduation ceremony when you finish your course, if you wish to!

What’s more, if you’re already an industry professional, with 5+ years of experience, you could be eligible for ‘Fast Track’ straight to the final year of our BA (Hons) program. Through what is known as a recognition of prior learning (RPL), we are able to reward you for your graft in the industry and give you the chance to hone-in and develop the vital skills you’ve attained in the real world.

Our degrees are validated by established and respected universities, so your qualification will be recognized world- wide. AMS Online is at the forefront of the online music education industry and is the leading UK Distance Learning provider with excellent pass rates, so your education is in safe hands.
Find out more about what AMS Online courses have to offer here and about our flexible entry points and part-time options designed to fit around your demands.

For enquiries please contact: Tel: 0843 224 9300 email: [email protected]

Words: Izzy Trott

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