My Background

James Telford is a musician and teacher living in London. His primary interest is the relationship between live performance and studio recordings, particularly in electronic music. His PhD, completed in 2021 at Royal Holloway, focused on the ‘liveness’ of improvisation within indeterminate electronic performance environments and the creative and aesthetic implications when these improvisations are taken into the studio.

He has performed experimental electronic music as a solo artist under the name ‘Spectra’ at venues and festivals around the UK (, and works regularly as a sound designer for theatre (Roberto Zucco, Twelfth Night and The Massacre at Paris by Fourth Monkey, The Soulless Ones by Hammer House of Horror). He is a member of the experimental electronic duo ‘Slow Loris’ and is beginning a new project as part of a 3-piece band exploring improvisation and indeterminacy in a rock context.

Our Tutors