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Winners and Nominees of the AMS Awards 2021 Announced

We aim to recognise our students’ achievements all year round at AMS. However, the annual BA Student Awards presents us with a special occasion to celebrate some of the exceptional musical work produced from our graduating class throughout our centres and AMSOnline. 

It is a chance to highlight talent across songwriting, production and performance, allowing us to congratulate both the winners and nominees for their dedication and hard work across their final year.  

We are proud to nominate the following students for the 2021 Awards: 


The Shaun Baxter Award for Performance 

Toni Robinson and Stuart Addison, both AMSOnline students, were nominated by Rob Dymond for their outstanding Showcase Studies performances.  

Carlton Powell was nominated for their professionalism, sense of interpretation and sensitivity to the style of music during their performance of ‘What’s Going On’ while studying at AMSOnline. 

Nominated by Rob Dymond and Rachel ButtonJames Broxton was recognised for his engaging performance of an original composition ‘Rogue’, while being credited for his professionalism and attention to detail during his time at AMSOnline. 

Winner Gabrielle Barenda

AMSOnline student Gabrielle truly shone with her performance of How Great Thou Art, originally written by Carl Boberg. She was nominated by Rachel Button and the “beautifully creative performance” was praised on everything from the accompaniment to her emotional interpretation of the piece while avoiding any cliches in this vocal style.  

Button shared the following on the performance:  

It is a pleasure to listen to an ensemble in pursuit of beauty: reaching for something that transcends the conventions of simply making music. The sensitivity, the vibrato, the sincerity and the focus all contribute to a profound musical moment that takes things beyond mere proficiency and into the realms of the ethereal”. 


The Rev Hammer Award for Songwriting 

Pablo Padilla was nominated by James Jordan for his Level 6 portfolio piece, ‘Redemption’, created during his time at AMSOnline.  Carlton Powell received his second award nomination with ‘Elephant’s Dream’, nominated by Rachel Button, created during his Music and Sound for Media project. Button also nominated AMSOnline student, Toni Robinson for their recording project ‘Carnival’.  

Winner Olivia Haggarty

After displaying her cleverly captivating blend of melody and lyrics, AMS Glasgow Student Olivia could not be more deserving of this year’s award. Her original song, ‘Pretty People Can’t Be Pretty Liars’ boasts a believable, engaging vocal that captures the essence of the song wonderfully.  Olivia is going on to pursue performing and releasing her original music and we can’t wait to see what she does next! 


The AMS Music Production Award 

The quality of production across AMS this year was astoundingly high according to our judges. All of the nominated students should be extremely proud of themselves. All of the work considered was highly commended, presenting a real challenge to pick a winner this year! 

Samaradh Douglas, of AMS Edinburgh was nominated by James Gordan for her portfolio piece, ‘Green’. Her work was labelled “fantastic, textured and well produced with elements of Wendy Carlos and Kraftwerk”. A submission to be proud of we think!  

AMSOnline student, Mark Rolfe was praised by Pablo, for the outstanding quality and depth of his academic research on his Level 6 Project ‘Seasons’. Another AMSOnline student commended for the creativity and full, balanced sound of their Level 6 Project, was Julian Gardner. Each track was labelled as unique and full of interesting texture, a glowing review from our judges.  

Winner: Lewis Allen

Lewis’ Level 6 Project, ‘Too Late to Call’ had the judge’s finding a new attention-grabbing element with every listen. Highly praised for his professional quality of production, especially on the vocals, this arrangement is complex but catchy in the best way. The judges had the following to say about Lewis’ winning portfolio: 

“The creative use of T-Pain style auto tune on the vocals, the harmonies, track, overall balance and a sublime low end created through synthesis, a modern sounding backbeat and a wide stereo image. The musicians have been well produced, especially the vocals, which are flawless.”

We couldn’t be prouder of our Academy of Music and Sound BA Awards 2021 nominees and winners.  

Congratulations to Lewis, Olivia and Gabrielle, as well as the rest of our graduating class of 2021 for all their achievements across their time with us at AMS.   



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