Out of music work? Lost out on gigging? Now more than ever, might just be the perfect time for musicians to hop onto a flexible online music course, a chance to expand existing skills and get ahead of the game when things open up again.

At AMSonline, we understand that for many aspiring musicians, time is precious and juggling aspirations with life’s other responsibilities can be a challenge. Through a unique Fast-Track process, AMSonline saves students valuable time by rewarding hard work and real-life experiences and mapping these against the earlier years of an Online BA (Hons) course

This means FAST-TRACK entry into the final year of the BA (Hons) qualification. Students may achieve a BA (Hons) degree in as little as 2 Semesters full-time (26 weeks) or 3 Semesters part-time (39 weeks), without the need for formal prior qualifications.


Music Producer


Anyone with extensive experience (5yrs+) as a performer, songwriter, producer, publisher, tour manager, artist representation, audio engineer, festival organiser, business owner, composer, teacher, and many others professions and occupations, is welcome to apply for the scheme. All relevant experience can count towards Fast-Tracking. 

For anyone interested in developing a career in formal teaching, achieving a BA(Hons) is a must-have step in gaining a postgraduate certificate of education. Having an honours degree could also help you progress much more quickly to M.Mus level, which you may need for a variety of careers in the industry such as Music Therapy.


AMS Principle - Steve Ryan

A message from Principal:

We believe that this presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone in the music business to up- skill and be able to add a potential new income stream to their earnings as a musician. Perhaps, at a time when the music business has been hit harder than most through the pandemic, it is important to ignore Government advice to re-train as a plumber or some-such but instead to add to an existing musical skill set. All Participants are eligible for a Student Loan to cover the tuition fees providing they meet the criteria.  

Please come aboard and join us. Is it time your Music Industry experience was recognised Academically and helped provide real options for your future? 

Steve Ryan

Principal, The Academy of Music and Sound