We’re so excited to be welcoming a host of new students to AMSonline next month, who will be joining us to start on our online courses like the Foundation Degree, BA (Hons) and M.Mus in Popular Music Performance.

It comes after we saw record levels of students join AMSonline courses in September 2020. Despite Covid, we’ve been lucky enough to run our courses as usual, with all the regular content, seminars and tutorials, with little interruption!

Take your learning anywhere
Pre-Covid: Take your learning anywhere


Whilst most of standard university and college teaching in the UK and elsewhere had to adapt to online delivery in 2020, and is still going on, its perhaps unsurprising that musicians and those interested in studying music, might chose more established online learning platforms at this time.

“In a funny way I never thought my choice to study online in 2018 would eventually be the only choice most students have all around the country. In hard struck times of COVID, I barely felt it negatively impacted my course at all.”

“I would just like to say thank you more than anything for the help I had over my foundation degree!”

George Chambers, student

But that’s not to say we’ve not been impacted by Covid-19 – everyone has felt the impact, and while we might be able to run courses as usual, the year has been a challenging one for us all. But we have good reason so hope that live musicianship can continue very soon! And we’re planning on being ready when it does.

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