We are thrilled to announce the release of an exceptional EP by Malory Chipman, a recent graduate of our MMus in Music & Sound program. This EP showcases Malory’s remarkable talent as both a composer and writer, featuring music that they skillfully composed for their Masters level project. The concept behind this captivating release revolves around the melodies of birdcalls originating from Malory’s cherished home province of Alberta, Canada.

By drawing inspiration from the enchanting birdcalls found in their surroundings, Malory Chipman has created a truly unique and evocative musical experience. The incorporation of these melodies into their compositions demonstrates Malory’s exceptional creativity and ability to merge diverse elements into cohesive and captivating works of art.

We congratulate Malory Chipman on this milestone achievement and eagerly anticipate the recognition and opportunities that await them as their musical journey continues. This EP stands as a testament to their artistic vision and the immense talent they possess.