AMSonline are now working with the international guitar community of FRETMONKEY to offer online music qualifications.

At the start of 2019, AMSonline had a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate music qualifications validated for supported distance-learning with the London College of Music (University of West London). This meant that courses could be accessed worldwide with no need for conventional college lectures. The courses are delivered 100% online, so anywhere with an internet connection is now a workspace.

Music Production

What’s the deal then?

Traditional academic qualifications come at a premium. Undergraduate college fees average about $10,000 for a state-resident student and $25,000 for a non-state resident per annum. That is before room, board, books and other expenses are taken into consideration.

The tuition fee for the BA (Hons) top-up Music & Sound with AMSonline is £6,150 per annum. That’s about $7,600. There is no need to travel to college: All you will need is a DAW (digital audio workstation) that you might already own.

I’m already working in music; I don’t need college

Unlike more traditional music qualifications, the AMSonline degree is designed for those working in music that want to develop their skill-set. The courses themselves are flexible; both in the curriculum studied and the mode of study. There are modules on creating content such as music for TV or games, composing library or stock music, songwriting, spoken word and radio broadcast as well as events management, music production and performance. In addition to online course materials, AMSonline students are supported 1:1 by industry professionals that are actually working in the areas mentioned above.

working in music


Fast-Track entry

Applicants are welcomed to apply to start directly on the final year of a Bachelor’s Degree using their industry experience to ‘Fast-Track’ the first two years. This means that if you have 5 or more years experience in the music industry, you could apply. This could save you potentially 2-3 years of study time and costs, and gain you an internationally-recognised BA (Hons) degree certified by the London College of Music in just 12 months.

What about FRETMONKEY?

fret monkey

For students participating in this specialized program, FRETMONKEY  will deliver additional programming in DIY record label services which includes online opportunities as well as optional face-to-face options at the FRETMONKEY RECORDS STUDIO located in Conway, Arkansas (USA).  In addition to this local provision, an AMSonline representative will be specifically provided for you so that, whilst you are studying, you will be supported in a peer-to-peer community. This means you will experience more of a blended learning experience than those that are solely studying online.


How do I find out more?

Applications are being taken now for the next start point, which is September 2020. If you would like to find out more, please complete the form by clicking the link below.